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Get off the treadmill to nowhere and have a high performance career, confidence, and better relationships with people who matter while it still matters
Mary Lee Offers Training, Resources & Coaching To Get You UNSTUCK & Off the Treadmill to Nowhere!
From Mary Lee Gannon:

Get off the treadmill to nowhere with mindful confidence, connection and calm so you can have optimal performance, a higher six figure income and more time for the people who matter while it still matters.

Why work with me? Because I help you connect your head to your heart where purpose emerges, vision and strategic focus sharpen and doubt takes a back seat to freedom. My Corner Office Freedom Program helps you enjoy the executive presence that closes deals, gets the promotion, gets you called for high-stakes decisions and makes you an influencer. Everything starts with you. It ends with excellence.

You're already in the top 5% – you're a leader, you've been successful in school, business, have a great family – everything you’ve ever wanted. Yet you carry the heaviness of uncertainty, leaving you overwhelmed, feeling judged, passed over for promotion, detached from who and what matters, stuck and doubting that not only might you drop down a notch on the ladder but worse - you might just fall off. You don't want to stay on that rung because you know somebody else is climbing up behind you who probably is not stuck.

I help you move from the constricted view to an open view full of opportunity. We build your mindful self-awareness to counter limiting beliefs. We define your value proposition, mindful practices that are authentic to you, and strategic focus to make things happen. 

The results: You have the confidence for high performance innovation, connectivity and more overall calm in your life. 

You find it easy to pick up the phone, contact clients, meet with the right people, lead your team, and command authority at the table. 

You have a strong presence. You execute in a new fashion whereby people view you at an entirely new level. Because you ARE!

I know what it takes to show up at work in a way that genuinely inspires others to achieve high performance. I also know what it takes to leave work at the office and show up at home with complete availability to the people who matter most. And I know the mindful practices and mindset it takes to refuel your battery to sustain focus, excellence and happiness.

This isn’t just success. It is freedom.

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